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Education at Congregation B’nai Israel

Congregation B’nai Israel recognizes the importance of life-long Jewish learning.  We offer a comprehensive Religious School education, as well as regular Adult Education and Torah Study.

Religious School

rs signCongregation B’nai Israel provides religious education for our children ages pre-school to Bar Mitzvah age.  Here, they learn the rich history of the Jewish people, a love for the religion, the importance of keeping traditions alive, and, most importantly, a sense of pride for being Jewish.  We have a progressive religious school, offering a complete class syllabus and general program of study beginning with Kindergarten and culminating with the 7th grade year.

At the onset of the 4th grade year, an additional Hebrew class is held once a week in the evening.  Students who are studying for a Bar/Bat Mizvah during the 7th grade year have individual study and preparation in addition to religious school.  Hebrew High and Confirmation students continue their education with classes held on Sunday mornings.

In addition, private tutoring is scheduled throughout the week.

For more information about Congregation B’nai Israel’s Religious School programs, please email the Religious School director.

Adult Education

Life-long Jewish learning is a core value at Congregation B’nai Israel. CBI offers various learning experiences to enhance our modern understanding of Judaism. Classes provide a warm and casual setting for learning while meeting others.

Current class offerings include:

  • Jewish Views of the Afterlife
  • Jewish Response to the Death of a Loved One
  • Jewish Views of the Messiah
  • Hearing God’s Voice: The Great Jewish Prophets
  • How Should We Respond to Anti-Semitism?
  • Did the Exodus Really Occur?
  • Was the Last Supper a Seder?
  • Who Wrote the Torah?
Torah Study

Torah Study takes place at Congregation B’nai Israel on select Saturdays.  Please see the synagogue’s calendar or contact Susan Burden for more information.